The characteristics of stainless steel quick coupling

1. Time-saving and labor-saving: When disconnecting and connecting the oil circuit through the quick connector, the action is simple, saving time and manpower. 2. Fuel saving: When the oil circuit is broken, the single valve on the quick connector can close the oil circuit so that the oil will not flow out to avoid the oil pressure loss. 3. Environmental protection: When the quick connector is broken and connected, the oil will not spill and protect the environment. 4. The equipment has a unique design and is easy to transport: large equipment or hydraulic tools that need to be easily carried, use quick connectors to disassemble and transport, and then assemble and use after reaching the destination. 5. Economy: All the above advantages create economic value for customers. 1. Please do not use it for fluids other than applicable fluids. 2. Do not exceed the maximum operating pressure limit during use. 3. Do not use outside the temperature range to prevent wear or leakage of the sealing material. 4. Do not hit, bend, or stretch artificially to prevent damage. To 5. Do not use in places mixed with metal powder or sand to prevent poor work or leakage. To 6. For the installation of threads, do not exceed the maximum tightening torque during installation to prevent damage. 7. Do not use hoses with cracks to prevent leakage or falling off. 8. If it is used in a machine subject to vibration or impact, the durability will be reduced. 9. The fluid used must be clean fluid filtered by a filter. 10. Do not disassemble the quick connector.



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